Pasta sfoglia fresca

Fresh egg pasta

Pasta sfoglia fresca

RAW MATERIALS: Durum wheat semolina, chicken eggs, salt
  250 gr. in vaschette sigillate in atmosfera protettiva – 1000 gr. in vassoi confezionati con con film plastico termoretraibile o in sacchetti per alimenti trasparenti
METHODS OF CONSERVATION: At a temperature of 0/+4° C
DURATION OF CONSERVATION: 50 days in tray in protective atmosphere – 30 days in shrink film tray.

PRODUCT CODE: 009 (gr. 250) – 082 (gr. 1000)

Pasta Pavoni

Pastificio Pavoni originates from one of the first egg pasta born in Italy in 1955. In 1973 Marisa Pavoni took over that business, improving its quality and authenticity over time and handing down the traditions and flavors of the past. Currently the Pastificio Pavoni is one of the typical Italian food realities that can be defined as a small, typically family-run artisan company. Thanks to the selection of raw materials, it boasts a homemade and genuine product without the addition of dyes and preservatives. Since May 1996 we have activated a self-control system of the entire production activity, and we are in possession of the CE ITA C6Z2M recognition pursuant to EC Reg. n. 853/204, for carrying out the following activity: SEC. VI MEAT PRODUCTS: PP Processing Plant